Igor Stravinsky door Marino Marini, 1951


                                     achtergrond: De gekroonde koning door Karel Appel, 1962



Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) was een belangrijk Russisch componist, Marini portretteerde hem op bijna 70-jarige leeftijd. Marini was een zeer gewaardeerde portretist. Degene die zich door hem 3D lieten vastleggen, waren vaak bekende personen: kunstenaars, architecten en politici, waaronder bijvoorbeeld Jean Arp, Henri Miller, Marc Chagall en dus Igor Stravinsky.








Marini: “I remember Stravinsky in New York in 1950. He came to see my exhibition at the Buchholz Gallery. Small, silent, he went up close to the statues; then he began to touch them. I had never seen anyone like him, full of love. I asked who he was: it was Stravinsky. From that meeting his portrait was born. A great master, great music, and him anxious, sensitive, nervous, and on edge. His inner being, his soul: all on his face.”







Geschiedenis van de eeuw in portretten


Marini: “For me the portrait is the most direct way in which to enter the world of humanity. The problem is to understand the personality that I have in front of me. You must bring out the personality in the portrait. But you must deal with a representative personality. Our century, I am convinced, is represented and described historically on the faces of these significant personalities. They can be writers, musicians, artists, politicians but also industrialists, businessmen, even a boxer (...).


With my portraits I think I have put together a sort of history of our century. In fact however, I have preferred above all to do the portraits of 'creative' people. They don't have one but ten, a hundred, facets. Miller, for example: each moment he has a different face. The form of his expression, his eyes, changes. This is the difficulty: to find the essence of this multiplicity.”






Marino Marini (1901-1980)












Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle


Foto’s: februari en december 2015



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