Omphalos door Emma Posey, 1993





Complementaire vorm


Omphalos betekent navel en centrum van de wereld.


Posey: "Walking in the forest I was attracted to the areas of coniferous trees, their tall vertical trunks and the mottled light streaking through the branches - the warm colour of the needles carpeting the ground. The atmosphere created had a strong presence.


I hope people explore the structure and use it as a base to observe the space around. I want the shape to compliment the forest, to sit quietly among the trees."


Posey: “I wanted to build a round smooth structure in contrast to the vertical trunks, and imagined the beginnings of trees as seeds, with their curves and folds.”


Het werk is inmiddels verdwenen.


Emma Posey (E. 19xx)









Stone forest door Kimio Tsuchiya, 1991


The sone forms the ground

The ground supports the tree

The tree creates fresh water

The water gives life

The man becomes one and coexists

with the continuity and the balance of nature

The nature becomes the spring of man



Kimio Tsuchiya (Japan, 1955)








                                    The Seer’s well door Belle Shafir, 1994      

                                    De lage binnencirkel van het werk, de bron, is inmiddels verdwenen. 

                                    Belle Shafir (E. 1953)           Foto: 1995, het was een hete droge zomer.


                                    Shafir: “The mysteries of the well, at the depths of which mysterious things take place, may hold

                                    an answer that might slowly float up to the surface towards me .. The three figures represent me

                                    as Mother, Woman and Artist



















Standing stone door Karl Lewis, 1991


Karl Lewis's Standing Stone is an egg-shaped menhir in the trees made of bits of slate, fragments of breeze blocks, the toothed jaw from what might have been a man-trap, hubcaps, oil cans, the brush-head of a broom, some springs, the handle of a saw, a carburettor and an old belt complete with buckle.


Karl Lewis (VS? 19xx)








Beelden in het Grizedale Forest, Lake District Engeland


Foto’s: augustus 1995





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