A wind-up










The Clockwork Forest door Greyworld, 2011






Seven trees there are to find

And in each one a key to wind

Ten turns it takes to make the tree

Reveal its secret melody

Look up above and you will see

hidden keys in the canopy




                                       A wind-up: veel opgewonden, maar niets gehoord en gezien







Uit Wikipedia: Clockwork Forest (2011)  A series of clockwork keys appeared throughout the Ridding Wood trail, in the Grizedale Forest, UK in October 2011. Each key, when turned, generated a music box melody, that can be heard coming from the branches. A permanent work, it was commissioned by the National Forestry Commission.





Collectief Greyworld


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Beelden in het Grizedale Forest, Lake District Engeland


Foto’s: september 2017





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