Wild Boar Clearing door Sally Matthews, 1988


                            Het zwijn is van verval gered door het binnen te zetten. Het maakte deel uit van een groep van

                            zeven en is gemaakt van twijgen en modder.



Matthews: “We can drive faster than a cheetah runs and kill quicker than a lion. Our admiration and the mystery of animals has been belittled by our achievements. We are not listening. They have senses and a reality that we have lost or never had.”





                            Wolves door Sally Matthews, 1989-1993; de foto is van 1995


                            Inmiddels zijn de wolven en zwijnen vergaan.





Sally Metthews (E. 1964)                        Wikipedia


Matthews op haar website: "Everyone has their own reasons for using animals in art, but for me I always go back to the animals themselves for inspiration. My love of them, their different form, movement, smell and nature are the reasons for my making them. Their nature, even of a domesticated or trained animal is unpredictable and wild, their presence is always enlivening. I want my work to remind people of our need for animals and the example their nature provides us with.”





Beelden in het Grizedale Forest, Lake District Engeland


Foto’s: september 2017 en augustus 1995





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