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                                                                                Cloack of Seasons door Walter Bailey, 1995



                               “Whatever faith or belief we carry, the tides of nature move around and through us. Every breath

                                we take is an affirmation of our connection with the earth. In the ‘Cloack of Seasons’ the figure

                                wears a constantly changing garment of earth and sky. I celebrate the cloack we all share.”


                                "The focus of my work is humanities relationship with nature, celebrating our links with the

                                dynamic cycle of the seasons and exploring thresholds on the life journey.”


                                “Exploring how far I can push the wood, carving, burning, charring,  to reveal the  point of balance

                                between exquisite beauty of the grain and destruction of the wood.”


                                Walter Bailey (E. 1960)






                                                                                               Declining door Johannes Bludau, 1994



                                      “From the oak’s dead misshapen mass, a new organic shape evolves, manifestly intrusive,

                                       weblike,in its challenge to man and nature.”  Het werk is niet meer.


                                       Johannes Bludau (Dtsl. 19xx)







                                                                      Forest Fugue door David Kemp, 1982

                             Kemp: “A silent requim for the stumps”. Het werk is niet meer.


                                                                         David Kemp (E. 1945)   Wikipedia


Vol op het orgel


Het orgel, een stil requim voor de boomstronken, stond onder het bladerdak als in een kathedraal. Maar in 1990 maakte een storm een einde aan deze setting. ‘Het dak ging eraf’, waarna het orgel in de open ruimte kwam te staan.







                                                                             Slag in de rondte


                                                                                     Spiral Growth door Anthony Holloway, 1993


                                                                                 “The sculpture unfolds as the forest twists and rises above us”


Anthony Holloway  (E. 1928-2000);  het werk is niet meer.





Beelden in het Grizedale Forest, Lake District Engeland


Foto’s: augustus 1995





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