Prototype test section tot High-Fell House door Andrew Sabin, 2012









Op het informatiebord: "Grizedale was once an Estate owned by the grand family of the Cunard shipping company, the Brocklebanks. Over the generations the former owners built a series of country houses here, the last of which was levelled to the ground on this site and only these balustrades overlooking the landscaped grounds remain. Today Grizedale is a working forest and instead of generations of Brocklebanks maturing on the estate, swathes of timber producing trees are grown and unceremoniously harvested in a continuous cycle of cut and sow. Whereas the abandoned footings of the house have been macadamised into this car park the abandoned feet of the cropped trees form a starkly brutal, violently textured blanket across the landscape.


"I propose to bring together the emotive texture of these abandoned stumps and the idea of 'The Grand Country House' to create a new vision of a stately home that is part temple of the dead, part fairground catacomb, part moor-top mausoleum and part lovely place to visit. Just as the abundance of skulls after the Paris plagues enabled the intricate boney patterns of the catacombs and the abundance of stone-carvers brought about the fabulous façade of Wells Cathedral so the abundance of tree stumps within the Forestry Commission's sphere of operations can enable the creation of a grand façade along with elaborate stump features punctuating a semi-formed garden."







Test Stump Window Frame


“23 stumps from Grizedale Forest were delivered to me in London to assist in developing a prototype test section to see whether stump ‘beads’ could be strung together and supported to create an archtectural façade. It is the same test piece that now sits in front of the balustrade of the long departed Grizedale Hall and whose window presently looks down on the vestiges of the Hall’s stately gardens.



                             Het werk is niet uitgevoerd



                                 Artist impression





Andrew Sabin (E. 1958)







Beelden in het Grizedale Forest, Lake District Engeland


Foto’s: september 2017





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