Piede door Luciano Fabro, 1968-1972






De Italiaan Fabro maakte in de periode 1968-1971 een serie ‘Piedi’ –voeten-, altijd met een lang ‘been’.


 Vanaf 1968 maakte Fabro ook een serie werken in de vorm van Italië. In de contouren van het land wordt alom een laars gezien en de series voeten en Italiën zijn daarom verbonden door de vorm.


De kolom die het been voorstelt, verwijst vermoedelijk naar architectuur.


Fabro in 1992: “Modern sculpture in general is remade in the shadow of ancient sculpture, even if it is strange and exotic. It is as if the armature remains and is partly covered with materials and partly with approximation. It thus has the same effect as the reconstructions found in natural history museums.”










Fabro over de ‘voeten’:


“The foot is not particularly conspicuous and yet it is always the focus of special attention. In sculpture regardless of whether it is visible or almost hidden, the foot is treated with great care and persistence, so that one can read the quality of the whole in a single foot. In works that are executed in workshops, the artist often takes a personal interest only in the foot – possibly because it is the basis for the dynamics of the figure, a fragile point under a wealth of expression, gestures and draped folds, to which one can give no expression (the face), no gesture (the hands), no rhythm (the drapery). It is the point on which everything else rests. The instruments of ideology cannot touch it, so artists have to manage without expression, identification, authority.”





Luciano Fabro (1936-2007)











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