Respirare l’ombra door Giuseppe Penone, 2000


                                         Schaduw inademen



Breath is a sculpture


Giuseppe Penone: “In 1978 I wanted to create a sculpture about the idea of breath. [ ..] when we breath we create a volume of air different from that which surrounds us. This volume of air, it is already a scupture, something automatic that we produce for all our life, this volume that extends from our body. I wanted to develop this and I have created a series of reflections and drawings to synthesize this idea as best I could.”


“Another point is that when we breathe, we absorb oxygen into our body through the lungs and our body -which is waterproof to the outside- in that moment changes. This is what happens as well during reproduction. In that case the woman’s body is reactive to the man’s semen. There is something concerning Genesis in the idea of breath which is expressed in mythology and with the religious conception of the creation of mankind. There is this idea of breath as a vital part of generating life.”









Adem is in dit werk weergegeven als een omhulsel van dwarrelende laulierblaadjes. Penone deed dat eerder in de vorm van een soort omgekeerde vaas van klei met daarop de afdruk van een lichaam dat adem produceert. Hij brengt het lichaam en zijn onzichtbare adem-schil er omheen samen.


Penone: “Respirare l’ombra: this “Soffio” work was from 1998 [deze versie is uit 2000]. The idea was that I would breathe the form of my breath out into space; through the leaves I put the outside space inside the body. That was the reason behind the work.”








Giuseppe Penone (Italië, 1947)


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                                                              ‘Wind is de adem van de natuur’





Giuseppe Penone


Vierde zomer-expositie in een serie van vijf,

ter gelegenheid van de opening en herinrichting van de tuin van het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in 2013


Foto’s: zomer 2016





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