Ripetere il bosco door Giuseppe Penone


                            Twee ceders, 1999 en 2000 en een spar, 1989

                             De ceders en de spar zijn in tweeën gedeeld en staan omgekeerd naast elkaar: de top staat naast de basis.



“I don't want to change the material, I want to follow its lead.”







‘Ripetere il bosco’ (Repeating the Forest) is een beeldengroep die bestaat uit werken van de ‘Alberti (Bomen) serie’. De samenstelling wisselt, de eerste ‘Ripetere il bosco’ dateert uit 1980.


In 1969 heeft Penone voor het eerst een blok hout teruggebracht tot de kern. Hij haalde jaarring voor jaarring het spinthout weg en behield het kernhout van de boom. Het resultaat lijkt op een heel jong boompje.


Penone: “To discover, inside of the mass of the wood, the form of the tree is an action of sculpture. The idea was to discover, inside of a material and form [een blok hout], its lost characteristics. Wood=material; wood=forest. I wanted to find inside of the material ‘wood’, its forest. When I made this work, I discovered things about the life of the tree: every tree has its history, has its individuality. Many small things can be understood through observation: damage provoked from lightning, the action of an animal, of man, of snow. Many small things that are part of the existence of this being. We can say that it can be a metaphor for the existence of man, but it is only a mental transposition. My work doesn’t have an aim; I don’t want to add other meanings. I use the tree like a material, not like a symbolic element.”









Penone : "Trees are for me an idea of a perfect sculpture, if you consider that the tree is a living being that fossilized its life in its form and that every part, every leaf, every single branch of it is necessarily linked to its survival, to its life; There is nothing random about a tree, anything in excess or shortage, its shape is exactly what it needs to live and for its survival”.


“The wonder of a child is to everything that surrounds it, the adult experience less surprise than the reality the child lives every day and this astonishment, however, is uncovered again and appears, for example, during a journey. When we move to a context that is not our own, we begin to reassess, to rethink many aspects of the reality that surrounds us; and this is the interest of the trip, the great success of the necessity of the travel. The wonder that is related to the work is the unexpected, the aspect not visible and revealed of the reality that surrounds us, and this is a bit the function of artist’s work, whether it's a work of writing, painting, sculpture or music. Wonder is also a source of impact, we remember very well the things that amaze us”.





                       Nel legno -douglasspar-, 2010





Giuseppe Penone (Italië, 1947)


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Giuseppe Penone


Vierde zomer-expositie in een serie van vijf,

ter gelegenheid van de opening en herinrichting van de tuin van het Rijksmuseum Amsterdam in 2013


Foto’s: zomer 2016





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