Jealous Jasmine door Anna Uddenberg, 2016









Uit een interview in 2015 met Uddenberg: “I am approaching social structures within consumerist culture in relation to the performative values of femininity, class and sexuality. Coming from performance, I see my recent works as scenographic settings with overlapping narratives drawn form social media, reality TV, dating sites and online games. Rather than fetishizing items and information, I am interested in how [fetishizing] is translated and embodied. I think the performative approach (what happens on social media) has a potential of breaking out from these stereotypical readings of images of women as vulnerable.”













Anna Uddenberg (Zweden, 1982)                       


Uit een inleiding van een interview met Uddenberg: Anna Uddenberg is playing with concepts of identity, sexuality, and the self, as well as social and sexual power relations. Inventing or entering into various roles and situations, she isolates and exaggerates certain events, behaviours, and stereotypes, bringing them into new light.









Stedelijk Museum, Paulus Potterstraat / Museumplein  Amsterdam


Foto’s: juni 2016



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