Kleine doden










Stubbed out love door Damien Hirst, 1993



Leven en dood


Damien Hirst benadrukt dat zijn werk altijd over leven en dood gaat, “there is nothing else”. In de  NRC van 27 maart 1992 zei Hirst: “Ik denk elke dag aan mijn eigen dood, ik begrijp niet dat er mensen zijn die dat niet doen. [..] De slechte dingen in het leven moet je onder ogen zien om het goede de moeite waard te maken.”









Over roken, sigaretten en dood heeft Hirst zich geregeld uit gelaten, een paar citaten:


“The whole smoking thing is like a mini life cycle. For me the cigarette can stand for life, the packet with its possible cigarettes stands for birth, the lighter can signify God who’d give life to the whole situation, the ashtray represents death. But as soon as you read it like that, you feel ridiculous. Because being metaphorical is ridiculous but it’s unavoidable.”


“I think suicide is the most perfect thing you can do in life. The whole thing in life is you don't know when you're going to die. It makes everything not make sense, there's this unknown factor. Whereas if you suddenly go, OK, I choose to die now, you take the matter into your own hands. So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying. I smoke because it's bad, it's really simple.”


“I want a glimpse of an idea of what it’s like to die .. Cigarettes are such clinical forms. They are like pills. They have a purity before you smoke them. They’re expensive, dangerous, from the point when you light one to when you stub it out, it’s death.”







Kleine dood


Hirst heeft verschillende werken gemaakt van peuken. Over het werk ‘Stubbed out love’ gaat het verhaal dat het bestaat uit peuken die Hirst en zijn partner rookten na ‘de daad’. De Franse filosoof George Bataille noemde het moment na het orgasme ‘le petit mort’





Damien Hirst (1965)


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Hirst houdt van werken in series. “You get some sort of security from the repetition of a series. If you say something twice, it’s pretty convincing. It’s more convincing than if you say it once. I think it’s also an implication of endlessness, which kind of theoretically helps you avoid death. I’ve thought quite a lot about it. In a way, that’s why smoking is so sexy. Apart from the addiction, the attraction is that there’s nothing certain in life and things change all the time, but you can always rely on something like a cigarette – which punctuates your whole existence time and time again – to be the same. It’s almost like you’re cheating death. But it’s killing you, so then, smoking becomes even sexier.”







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