Pile door Gavin Turk, 2004


achtergrond: De seizoenen door Pyke Koch, 1948-51







Van Wikipedia: A series of three-dimensional Trompe-l'il works includes objects cast into bronze, painted to give the appearance of the original object. Possibly his most revered works, these include bronze sculptures of plastic rubbish bags. Turk is perhaps the leading exponent of the painted bronze, and has cast objects from spent matches to worn paving slabs to discarded vehicle exhaust pipes.


Turk op zijn webside: A bag full of discarded products, unrecycled organic matter thrown in with the by-products of our wasteful consumerist lifestyles. This rubbish is encapsulated in the formal roundness of this classic trompe luil artwork. We are defined by what we throw away and conversely we are deconstructed by what we choose to display in our hallowed museum halls.







Load of rubbish


Gavin Turk in een interview in 2004: "A black bin bag with stuff in it has formal issues. I quite often look at them and think, 'This one's incredibly cubistic'. Maybe it's like seeing the shape of an elephant in a cloud ... I've argued with my mum about this." De interviewer vraagt zich af waarom hij niet de originele voorwerpen exposeert. Turk: "There was a point in the Seventies at which a bag of rubbish could have been shown in a gallery. I don't think that's possible any more. There's a quality of preciousness that I'd like to keep hold of, rather than undermine. [..] To make the same comment today, we have to go to more perverse ways to do it. By going in a more oblique route to something, you hit the nail on the head ... What am I talking about? I don't even understand it myself."





Gavin Turk (Eng.,1967)


Wikipedia http://gavinturk.com/artworks/









Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar


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