Crossing door Nigel Hall, 2006





                                                 Eenzelfde werk uit 2001 heet ‘Spring’ en staat in Schoenthal, Zwitserland



Het beeldenpark Schoenthal schrijft: The site is always an important component of Nigel Hall’s works. Spring refers to the range of hills in the area and takes command of them following the thin horizontal lines of trees at the ridge of Schöntalfluh. Shadow is as important to him as lines, mass or emptiness. His objects function rather like a mountain landscape, constantly changing according to the angle of viewing.





In 2006 stond het werk op Beaufort Outside, een tentoonstelling langs de Belgische kust. Crossing stond

op het strand van Blankenberge, aan de overkant van de vaargeul stond een tweede deel rechtop.


Het twin-werk Crossing (vertical) is door het YSP in 2013 geschonken aan de nabij gelegen plaats Barnsley







De info van YSP: Nigel Hall has refined a practice over forty years that is primarily concerned with enclosing and occupying space, light and shadow, through carefully considered and elegant lines. Crossing (Horizontal) illustrates certain shapes that Hall employs regularly. Lines, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, and ellipses are devices he uses in combination to articulate his understanding of space.


Hall’s sculpture is often inspired by his experience of walking in a landscape: how views change depending on different approaches, the pauses taken to appreciate being in a place and the effects of the seasons and weather.





Nigel Hall (1943)


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Yorkshire Scupture Park, Engeland


Foto’s: juli 2016




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