Shogun door Philip King, 1980-81 / 2007









Uit de YSP-info: The original work (1981) was inspired by a round steel ball, which the artist had found by the side of a road. “I bent the steel around it and started doing this and that. I more or less finished the sculpture but I knew there was something wrong.. Eventually it occurred to me that I had to get rid of the steel ball, and it suddenly clicked. It was a hard thing to do, because the ball was the inspiration that got me going and I ended up throwing out the found object.





Philip King (1934)


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Uit Wikipedia: Phillip King (born 1 May 1934, Tunis, French Tunisia) is a British sculptor. He is one of Anthony Caro's best known students, even though the two artists are near contemporaries. Their education followed similar trajectories and they both worked as assistants to Henry Moore.





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Yorkshire Scupture Park, Engeland


Foto’s: juli 2016




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