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Sitting door Sophie Ryder, 2007





Lady hare


Van de website van Sophie Ryder: Inspired by Picasso, Goya and Henry Moore, she famously developed the Lady Hare as a counterpart to Ancient Greek mythology's Minotaur.


"The Lady Hare came about when I was looking for a companion for the Minotaur.  I wanted a female body with an animal head and the hare head seemed to work really well." 


The hare is usually accompanied by a Minotaur or a dog or horse, but more recently she has been solitary. The appearance also changed and a few years ago, the head became more defined as a mask to show more clearly that she is a human underneath.






"I like things to be fun and full of life. I don't care what Gilbert and George say, that art shouldn't be nice –

                                                                                                                             I don't see why it shouldn't be.”









Sophie Ryder (1963)


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Yorkshire Scupture Park, Engeland


Foto’s: juli 2016




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