IJzeren boom










Iron tree door Ai Weiwei, 2013







Fragmenten en het geheel


Ai Weiwei begon in 2009 aan een serie boomscupturen. YSP-info: Iron tree comprises 97 elements cast in iron from parts of trees, and interlocked using a classic – and here exaggerated – Chinese method of joining, with prominent nuts and screws.


The work expresses Ai’s interest in fragments and the importance of the individual, without which the whole would not exist. The use of found wood in this work reflects the artist’s belief that every aspect of culture bears the stamp of its predecessors.











Stumps & roots


Citaat van een website: “Philip Tinari, an art historian and incoming director of Beijing's Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, once joined Ai to troll for materials in Jingdezhen, a city southwest of Shanghai renowned for its porcelain industry. Along the roads, they spotted several dealers hawking refrigerator-size pieces of local trees, specifically their stumps and root systems. Craftsmen often turn these gnarled masses into kitschy restaurant decor by carving their stumps into the shape of a peacock's head with the roots trailing out like feathers. But Ai pounced on the goods like he was "saving" historic artifacts, Tinari says. Months later, Ai arranged them like some "weird forest" in a German museum survey of his work.”









Ai Weiwei (Peking, 1957)


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Yorkshire Scupture Park, Engeland


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